Blog changes and Ken Caryl updates and polo, OH MY!

Holy blog update, batman!
Shield your eyes. This blog just got so pretty, it’s no longer approved for swimmers with certain kinds of heart problems or children under the age of 5. Consult your doctor if you notice that you’ve been staring at the screen haplessly for 4 or more hours without interruption.

The update is the product of some sweet collaboration between myself and Mr. Peter Schick, our resident design guru. Mr. Schick created the logo, painstakingly selected the photo, masterfully blended the 2, boldly explored new fonts, and applied top secret, art guy knowledge to create a wonderful header. I clicked a button or 2 (yeah, I was working on it all afternoon). So pretty much 50/50. Hope you like it!

KEN CARYL UPDATE (See last blog for KC Invite details)
It has been discovered that Ken Caryl entries are due on Sunday at noon! No sweat, but it means we’ll have to get those in on Saturday afternoon. That said, we’re going to be asking swimmers to commit to the meet a little earlier than we had hoped. Don’t worry–you still have Saturday (and, in theory, Sunday to our C/D swimmers!) to qualify, but we need your help being extra vigilant if you newly qualify for the meet and aren’t on our list! Although I have nothing better to do on Saturday afternoon than repeatedly hit redial trying to reach you to ask you about the meet, we’d really like to make sure we get an official “yes” or a “no” from everyone by the end of Saturday’s meet, at the VERY LATEST!

Yeah, that’s right. You have to un-sign up for this one if you can’t make it. Don’t forget it!

*Extra — we may be seeking some extra swimmers to help us fill out relays! If you don’t qualify and would still like to participate, let us know and we’ll try to find a slot!!

…polo tonight! 7:50. Upper Division. If your last name is “Cotten,” please trim your nails to suit your aggressive playing style. That is all.

Coach Luke

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