Today's Tasty Updates

Update #1: Ken Caryl
Ken Caryl-eligible swimmers have been uploaded to the increasingly cluttered “IMPORTANT LINKS” bar off to the right. Once I run out of things to upload, perhaps I’ll consider organizing something. But that sounds improbable.

Either way, we have 44 SWIMMERS CURRENTLY QUALIFIED! Holy cow! This could easily make us one of the biggest teams at the meet where we have traditionally done quite well. Please let us know if you can make it ASAP if you are on our list. I’ll have a sign-up sheet posted at the pool tomorrow where you’ll be asked to indicate whether or not you’re swimming so that we can get on top of Relays ASAP.


400’s – 12:30-3:00p
Rest of meet: 3:00-??? (usually around 9pm)
9-10 BOYS, 11-12s (ALL) – 6:00a-11:00a
9-10 GIRLS, 8-unders (ALL) – 11:00a-??? (usually around 4pm)

Update #2: Gator Guide/Schedule
Both are now posted in the same cluttered tab.

Update #3: New Foothills League Web Site
A great, new resource that has results posted from every meet in the league so far! So in case you, say, only had one job and spent most of your day at home with little to do (not like anyone I know…) you can certainly while away some time there…

In addition, a blog from Lakewood coach Betty Woods has been promised! So far, all that she’s written is more coming soon, but I’m sure some great stuff will be there soon!

See y’all in the morning!

Coach Luke

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