Weekend Warriors

I hope everyone enjoyed your morning off today, and I hope that the few of you who had the whole weekend off were able to hold your parents off until AT LEAST noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Results for the Ken Caryl meet are posted in the right sidebar, and the team finished 9th OVERALL, out of 20 very good teams! More importantly, of all of the teams that will compete in our division at state, we finished FIRST! And although a few teams look like they’ll be very good at state, the coaches sincerely believe that a top 3 finish is more than possible for this club!

We now have 43 swimmers qualified for league, and 22 swimmers qualified for state! That puts us ever nearer to the team goals that the coaches set for the team at the beginning of the year (we’ll share those with you in the very near future).

So a few shout outs seem appropriate at this time. For those of you who weren’t there, Coach Richard and I spent all of our downtime (i.e., 200 freestyles…) coming up with nicknames for our swimmers. So first…

…”Big Ben” Hofstra, for putting a new twist on the breaststroke, and coming away with two TOP 5 Ken Caryl finishes as a result

…”Krusin” Molly Kruse, for cutting more than a minute in her combined races this weekend. (the fact that some of her races are longer than my commute to the pool isn’t relevant..)

…Tristan “The Best” Gess, for two top 3 finishes, and flirting with a team record in the process

…Carly “Can Do” Cozzo, for sacrificing her ENTIRE SATURDAY to come swim 2 relays and support her team

…Elise “The Charger” Chevalier, for deciding she simply wouldn’t lose

…Joseph “The Jet” Duffy, for showing his coaches that miracles indeed do happen

…Ethan “The Trick” Schick, for showing, time and time again, that hard work pays off

…Dylan “Thrillin” Jacob, for extending his unbeaten streak in the 100 IM against the fastest swimmers in the state and placing a team-high 3rd at the pentathalon

…Elsa “The Burner” Debrunner, for burning through her 50 free and moving up 15 places in her event. And for having the *best* nickname

…Lauren “Scorin” Sutherland, for positively transfering passive aggression against her tardy brothers into some class A swimming

…Adam “Beastly” Wheatly, for being one of only two 6-year olds at the meet, and for sharing his toys with his coaches

There were MANY more amazing swims, but I can’t hardly think of any more nicknames…congrats to everyone who was involved in this weekend’s incredible meets!

Coach Luke

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