Intrasquad and the best day of the year!

OK so I didn’t really mean to make you think that this post is about intrasquad and dress-like-a-burrito-to-get-free-chipotle day (although I can see why the title made you obviously think about that immediately…)

New info about tonight’s meet and tomorrow’s day of fun are posted in the right sidebar. I’m sorry to be such a slacker on this, but SOMEBODY has to be taking 2 hour naps every day, and I sure don’t see any of you stepping up to the plate!

Finally, we’ll be doing odd events entries tonight. Check the schedule for more information (because that’s my only resource) and if you have any further questions, be sure to asK! And if you want to come and we missed you, please let us know ASAP!

Thanks! Get ready for some fast swimming, and also to see some upper division swimmers heaving on the deck trying out some fun new events tonight!

Coach Luke

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