Day one, post-league info!

Hello all –

First off, for those of you too tired or summer-ized to read much, please remember that Monday practice is CANCELLED! Then, from Tuesday-Friday practice times for state qualifiers will change to the following…

6:30-7:30 — SLEEP!
7:30-8:30 — Upper Division/11-12s
8:30-9:30 — 9-10s/8-unders

So as you see, your coaches can no longer sustain predawn alarm buzzing and are therefore moving practice back an hour to fully rest our rapidly aging bodies. That, and practice numbers will be down a bit. What’s mentioned above is strongly suggested…however if any of our 9-10s feel that they would prefer to drag their parents out of bed an hour earlier, well, I guess things could be worse.

Banquet information will be available MONDAY so please check the blog!

Second, a HEARTY congratulations to all of our swimmers who performed wildly above and beyond expectations today. Following day 1, the team is sitting in 5th place OVERALL and 2nd in our division. We had (I think) 6 individual event winners, 2 (maybe 3) new team records, and TON of top 5s. This has been a special meet so far with, I’m quite sure, a lot more special moments to come. I’d tell you more but…I foolishly started reading Harry Potter #7 an ok book yesterday and I don’t really anticipate having a lot more free time tonight…

We’ll see you all at the pool tomorrow morning at 7!

Coach Luke

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