Congrats, and league info!

First, I wanted to say congrats to our newest LEAGUE QUALIFIERSSidney Tonkin, Michael Tsareveski, Luke Guisto and Daniel Vlosich. This brings the team’s total up to 56–an incredible 27 percent increase from last year’s 44 qualifiers. Perhaps even more impressive is that more than 1 out of every 3 qualifiers in 2009 is a new qualifier (didn’t qualify in 2008). What an accomplishment for those new swimmers!

I also wanted to take a second to recognize Dylan Jacob for setting a new team record in the 9-10 boys 100 Freestyle, breaking an old record that had stood for nearly 20 years!

Even though I’m quite busy soaking up the big city (we went to a pizza place yesterday…with a bouncer! That’s how bad people wanted in!) I did find some time to post up the league psych sheet, that is the sheet that ranks all of the swimmers. Now, this is not an officially official sheet (minor changes are possible), but this is about it. There are some REALLY exciting races shaping up, so please, check it out!

Have an excellent week in the pool, and remember…you practice how you compete! That means no missing practice and no shenanigans! Hit every wall like it’s a race, make every stroke perfect, pee 5 times a day (from all of the water you drink, silly) and get your 8 hours of beauty rest. Because then you’ll be fast and beautiful. Most of all, have fun and get pumped up…this might just be the best meet of the year!

Good luck y’all, and I’ll see you Saturday!

Coach Luke

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