Great Start


As you all know last Saturday we had our first meet at the swamp this summer. I was amazed at how well all of you gators swam with only a week of practice. I hope all of you were as excited about the meet as I was. I know Coach Shelby was, she was so excited she spent the night at the pool just to be sure she wouldn’t miss warm-up. Most of you followed her example and were ready to get in at the start of warm-up but if you were a bit late, lets try extra hard to get to the Lakewood meet on time this Saturday.

I saw some really fast swims which got me excited for the rest of the summer. But in order for all of you to continue to improve and to reach your goals you need practice. I saw a lot of small mistakes like flip turns on back to breast turns in the IM, bad or no flip turns, false starts… The only way to improve and limit these mistakes is by spending your mornings with your three favorite coaches.

Lastly I know things seemed a bit crazy on Saturday, all of us were a bit out of sink. Things should start to settle down a bit now that we have more time to sign up for meets and we are getting to know all of you better. Sign up will begin Tuesday for the meet this Saturday against Lakewood at Green Mountain Rec. Center and will end Thursday. If you plan to enter the meet please sign up at practice no later than Thursday.

Later Gators

Coach Rich

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