Return of the Swamp Thing

Lately I have gotten the feeling that most of you have felt something missing from our team. I have spent the past few days thinking of what it could be. Could it be jelly all over Coach Shelby’s white polo? Or maybe a 6 foot 6 back stroker who runs into the wall while flip turning? Then it hit me, everyone is missing our old friend Coach Luke. Have no fear I have devised a plan to ensure his return home to our little green mountain. Because Coach Luke left us for gator filled swamps of New Orleans I have decided to turn GMSC into our own swamp in attempts to bring him home. All we need to do now is fill it with little gators. So please continue to come to practices and maybe just maybe the wise one will return along with a fan boat.

Just kidding around as many of you have noticed the pool is a bit murky right now. Don’t worry the GMSC staff is doing all they can to fix the problem. The good news is that the pool is safe to swim in it just makes swimming a bit more difficult. The pool should be back to normal soon so please bear with us.

On another note I will be trying to post best times and meet results on the blog so please check back for those soon.

Also upper division will be having polo tonight so if you are 13 or older feel free to swing by and play at 8:00pm. Look forward to seeing all you gators soon.

Coach Rich

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