The Gators Ice The Sharks

Happy Monday,

First of all I would like to congratulate all of you for not only swimming well and beating Lakewood but also for toughing out the elements. While us coaches were sitting inside in our warm and cozy chairs you all had to sit outside in the freezing rain and then jump in to a pool and try and swim fast. So thank you to all of you who stuck it out we wouldn’t have been able to win without you. If you are interested in your times I have posted the meet results on the blog. I am still working on getting best times on the blog check back soon.

If you plan on swimming this weekend please come to practices and sign up for the meet by Wednesday. I am pleased to say that the pool seems to be back to normal. So no excuses now I want to see you at practice as much as possible.

A note to upper division swimmers water polo will be on Tuesday at 8:00pm from now on because the guards have weekly meetings on Wednesdays.

See you in the pool

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