Hello Gators

I am happy to report the gators were able to return to swimming in the swamp today. I was informed by some of the older gators that although the water is still a little swampy they were able to see both the walls and the bottom of the pool. I have been told that the water should continue to improve for the next few days.

Now down to the important business, Saturday we will be swimming against the dreaded Lakewood Sharks. While Lakewood might have the advantage of having the Foot Hills Swimming Association founder Betty as there head coach, the gators have something that no amount of experience can make up for. The Gators have Coach Josh. All though Coach Josh hasn’t been coaching since the start of FSA he is wise beyond his years. If you don’t believe me just observe him on Saturday. Watch for is electrifying pre-meet cheer. Listen for his deafening two handed whistle which some coaches spend a life time trying to master. And laugh along at his hilarious impressions of Coach Shelby. In order to fully appreciate all that Coach Josh does please show up to warm up on time ready to swim. Swimmers 12 and under will start warm up at 6:30-6:45 and swimmers 13 and up will be from 6:45-7:00. We will have a can’t miss team meeting at our tent at 7:00 sharp be there on time to help the team cheer.

Just a reminder the meet is at Green Mountain Rec-Center. It is an indoor pool so please come to the meet even if the weather is bad. But do bring warm clothes and blankest, the swim tent will be outside.

Coach Rich

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