Weekend Update


I just have a few things for you. First of all we are hosting 5 Parks tomorrow and it should be a fun meet but, we need your help. I was looking at the volunteer book today and we still had a lot of empty spaces that need to be filled in. If you have not signed up to help yet please ask one of the board members tomorrow at the meet how you could help.

Also tomorrow after the meet the coaches will be doing Ken-Caryl entries. I will have a sign up with us at the meet tomorrow to make sure you get in the event you want for that meet. If you will be unable to attend the Ken-Caryl Invitational please let us know by tomorrow. Keep in mind the team does pay per-entry so if you don’t show we spend money for nothing. If you are not going to the meet tomorrow or you forget to see me please call me or send me an email with what you want to swim or if you can’t attend. Remember Ken-Caryl Invitational does have qualification times that our close to our league B times.

Oh also retainers were found at the pool after upper division practice a few days ago. I have them so see me if you lost any. I will be asking for a description to make sure they are yours.

See you bright and early

Coach Rich

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