Bite Sized Week…For a Gator!!!

Hi all,

I wanted to touch basses with all of you before the week starts. I would really like to congratulate the team the great job at the meet yesterday. Not only did the swimmers swim very well and we were close to beating 5 Parks but all of the parents did a great job running the meet. I could not believe how fast we were out of there and how smooth the meet ran.

Now lets get down to serious business this week is going to be very busy with lots of info flying around so please do you best to stay on top of everything. Yes upper division this includes you too. On Wednesday we will be having our second intra-squad meet of the year. We will start warm up at 5:30pm and the meet will start at 6:00pm. We will be signing up swimmers for this meet at the pool on Monday and Tuesday.

Then on Friday the upper division swimmers that have qualified for Ken-Caryl Invite will be swimming at Ken-Caryl. The 400 will start in the afternoon and the rest of the meet will start in the early evening and run till late. Keep in mind last year we didn’t leave till 11:00pm. The following Morning the lower division swimmers who qualified for Ken-Caryl will be swimming. There are two different sessions on Saturday I am not sure which session different age groups are going to yet but I will let you know ASSAP. If you are not sure if or what you will be swimming at Ken-Caryl there is a link under Important Links tab that has all of our entries.

The following day (Sunday June 27th, for those of you who are fully confused by now) will be the brunt of the storm. There will be two different meets at the same time of course you can only do one. The Pentathlon will be at Applewood Athletic Cub once again you have to qualify for this meet by having a B time or better in 4 of the 5 following events Free, Fly, Back, Breast, and IM by the end of the meet Wednesday. If you do qualify for the Pentathlon I strongly suggest you do it, it is a lot of fun.

Finally the last event of the week will be the C/D meet hosted by Applewood Knolls. At this meet swimmers are aloud to swim in any events that they DO NOT have a B or faster time in. We will be sighing up for this meet during practices this week.

Ok I think that is it for now thanks for sticking it out I know it was long. This post was almost certainly longer than any history paper Coach Shelby has had to write. This is going to be long week so get some rest today.

P.S. Practice will be canceled next Monday the 28th so that all of us Gators will be able to get some much needed rest.

Coach Rich

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