We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do

First of all great job last night, you all swam really well. I was pleased to see that everyone was not only swimming well but you were all cheering for each other as well. We are all going to need that kind of support if we are going to make it though this weekend.

For all of you who are going to Ken-Caryl this weekend please check the updated schedule to the right of this post. Note that upper division swims tomorrow (Friday), 9-10 boys and 11-12 boys and girls swim Saturday morning, and 9-10 girls and 8 and under boys and girls swim Saturday afternoon. Please check what time your swimmers warm-up is and do your best to make it. Us coaches really stress out if we are missing our fourth really swimmer 5 minutes before the meet starts. One more note involving Ken-Caryl the meet is in a slightly different order of events and has different event numbers so make sure you make it to your race.

Upper division swimmers who are attending Ken-Caryl optional practice tomorrow at 7:00am for starts and turns. Everyone else’s practices is as usual.

I know you are all really excited to see your times from last nights intra-squad I will get those posted later today, but first I have to go and swim. Coach Shelby started talking smack about the coach’s relay and how much the coaches were going to win by to all the swimmers today. And knowing how fast all you gators are I figured I better start hitting the pool or at least the hot tub at 24 hour fitness.

See you all soon

Coach Rich

P.S. No practice on Monday. Get some rest.

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