Gators On Ice

Sorry that I have neglected all of my faithful followers these past few days. I went camping for the 4th and was completely distracted by all of the sweet fire works. I don’t really have to much to tell you except we will not be going to odd events tonight or tomorrow night due to lack interest and length of the meet. Looks like a good decision due to the weather. If you would like to sign up for the meet Saturday you need to sign up by tomorrows practice or else you will have to deck enter. Keep in mind it will be a long meet so plan to be there late.

Upper division we will play water polo Thursday night at 8 so if you would like to play come stop by.

Plan on having practice tomorrow unless the weather is really bad. I will try and post on the blog if we cancel it but some times the software doesn’t work on my phone very well.

Until then have fun and stay warm

Coach Rich.

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