Tri-ing Gators Come Up Just Short

Gators I know this weekend’s meet was long but you all truly swam amazing. I am sad to say that although you all swam fast we lost a close meet to the Stingrays however we did beat 5Parks who beat us early this year at the swamp. We were really close to beating the Stingrays so lets make sure we get them at league. I Google Docs is having some problems so I was unable to post the meet results and the updated best times sheet. I will work on getting those posted as soon as possible. There will be a best times sheet in the book at the pool.

Todd Otto has informed me that he does not read the blog, instead he expects me to tell him all the important stuff that he is responsible for. And because we all know that he is too busy talking a practice to listen to me, I need your help informing him about up coming events. So please if you see Todd lounging at the pool please relay the following info to him. The more people that tell him the more likely it will stick.

Sign up for the last intra squad has started. If you missed practice today make sure and sign up tomorrow or else you will have to deck enter with cards. If you have not signed up yet and can’t be at practice tomorrow please feel free to email me your entries and I will get you in the meet. As many of you are aware the last intra squad is not only one of your last opportunities to improve your times. But it is also your chance to see the coaches teach the upper division a thing or two about the medley relay in the coaches relay. The Shelbanator has already practiced her victory dance. So don’t be surprised if the upper division swimmers are too scared to show up on Wednesday.

During the meet team T-shirts will also be on sale. They make great tie die shirts so you might want to pick a few. Old shirts will be $5, new Shirts will be $10 and new logo caps will be $10 (they are amazing).

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