8 and Overload

WOW So Many Gators,

I am pleased to announce that this year’s gator team is the biggest we have had since the Kruses have been on the team, and that has been for awhile. There are so many new gators we could use all your help If you happen to see any of these new swimmers or parents wondering around looking confused or lost please help them find their way to the heating shed, team tent or the snack bar for delicious “state qualifying” breakfast burritos. Please do your best to show these new gators the ropes.

The 2011 league times are in as well as the results from the first intra-squad meet. I will get the results from Saturdays meet as soon as I get them.

Tonight is the first night practice I hope that upper division takes advantage of some extra time in the pool. I also wanted to remind you that night practice is open to any and all parents who are interested in improving their stroke, getting ready for the parent relay or just trying to keep up with their children. I hope to see some of you there.

Coach Rich

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