Feeling The Heat

No, I don’t mean Miami. Go Mavs

For those of you who are only thinking of tonight’s game I meant the weather. It seems that summer is finaly upon us, and we are in full swing of things at the swamp. Here are a few things to keep in mind in the up coming week.

Water World tickets will go on sale Thursday for $23. First come first serve, so don’t wait or you will be paying full price. See Mrs. Long for more info.

Our first night practice was last night we had a great turn out of upper division swimmers but parents, come on we only had one. The parent relay wont beat the 8 and unders let alone the coaches, if you don’t show up to practice.

I am also feeling the heat from the Moores to post more on the blog. They claim I am not giving them the appropriate amount of entertainment. So here is the deal every day that the Moores are on time to practice I will post. Sound good Olivia, Inez?

Coach Rich

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