New Information!

Hello Gators,

We have received our warm-up time for the CD meet. We won the jackpot and will be warming up 6:20-6:40. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Also if you would like to deck enter for the CD meet you need to do so BY 6:30 am. They will not accept any entries after that time.

Rich was going to post to keep good on his word to the Moores but, Josh told him he couldn’t post becasue the Moores made him too mad and this was their punishment. Who ever heard of a car towel anyways.

There are still a ton of Water World tickets, so if you still have not purchased your ticket get on it!! Water World is the coaches favorite day of the year!

Upper division swimmers that are participating in Ken Caryl: practice tomorrow morning for you is optional, but I know that Josh and Rich would love to see the rest of the upper division bright and early tomorrow morning.

I believe that is all the information we have right now, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Have a great day!

Coach Shelby

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