We are the Gators, the mighty mighty Gators!


Wow, is all I can say right now! For those of you that swam at Ken Caryl, the coaches couldn’t be more proud of you! We had 20 second drops in best times all the way to first place finishes! The coaches even won a little something…the ‘Team Spirit Award’, we even have a little plaque to go along with it! The highlight of the meet would probably be when a parent asked Coach Rich if he was still in high school…ask him to tell you that story at practice on Tuesday. Even though it was a long two days you all swam incredibly! Thank you to all of the parents and swimmers for making Ken Caryl another successful meet.

But the world’s longest weekend isn’t over just yet! Tomorrow, Sunday June 26th we have two meets taking place. The CD meet will be at Mount Vernon Country Club and warm-ups begin at 6:20, so please do your best to arrive 15 minutes early. If you have NOT signed up for the CD meet you need to have cards turned in BY 6:30. After 6:30 they will not take anymore swimmers, so please keep that in mind. The other meet which will be taking place at Applewood Athletic Club is the Pentathlon. Warm-ups at this meet will begin at 6:20, again please make sure that you arrive 15 minutes early.

As of right now night practice will be happening Monday June 27th, check back for further information.

-No Practice Monday June 27th
-Intrasquad meet Wednesday June 29th
*Be sure to let the coaches know if you will be at the intrasquad or not.
-Pictures, pancake breakfast and Water World Thursday July 30th
*If you still haven’t purchased your tickets you still have time!

Hope you all have a great rest of your Saturday and I will see many of you at the pool tomorrow!

Coach Shelby

Fun Fact:
Ethan Schick and Superman once raced across the pool doing fly on a bet. The loser had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.

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