Green Mountain Swim Club needs your help

The Green Mountain Swim Club is your community pool and it needs your help. 
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The Green Mountain Swim Club is your community pool and it needs your help. The primary source of income for our pool is from our membership fees. Because of lowered membership, pool repairs, and a significant amount of unpaid federal payroll taxes (from prior years, that the current board inherited), the club is struggling.

For over four years we have been trying to get our property taxes waived due to our non-profit status and we hope to have it resolved soon. Throughout this process, we set aside the money to pay the county should we need to, but last season we had to use some of it to keep the pool open through the end of the season (i.e. payroll, taxes, and utilities.)

To see a generalized breakdown of where your membership fee currently goes, visit our website at GMSC financials are available via Nicole Koenig at

The strength of our pool is in its members. We want to make you, our membership, aware of these issues and ask for your help. Things you can do:

  • Tell all of your friends why you enjoy this pool and encourage them to become members. Our membership fees are significantly lower than other clubs in the Lakewood area. Any questions, contact Danielle Nicholson at
  • Do you know of a business that could benefit from our sponsorship program? Contact Heidi Hafner or find information at
  • If you have any ideas for events or fundraising, contact Kristy Patterson at
  • Use our King Soopers cards! They don’t cost you a thing but are benefit to you and the pool. To get started,
  • Are you able to make a tax-deductible donation? Contact Ann Felton at
  • Want to take on a more active role at GMSC? Consider becoming a board member. We are still looking to fill some positions starting next year.  If interested, email Ann Felton
  • Is there project at the pool that you would like to solve? Contact Ben Brauch at
  • What are your ideas? Please feel free to contact Todd Bellot or JT Gaietto

The Green Mountain Swim Club is a non-profit organization that helps the community by providing a fun and safe environment for our families. There is still much to be celebrated, including the continued success of our mighty Gators Swim Team and our new sponsorship program that is bringing in much needed income. Our special events (i.e. Teen Nights, July 4th Celebration, etc.) are fun for all who come. We also provide employment for our local youth as lifeguards and snack shack attendants. The all-volunteer board wants this to continue long into the future.

Please join us at our upcoming Community and Board Meetings starting at 6:30 pm at GMSC…Thursday, June 25th, Sunday, June 28th, and Wednesday, July 8th.
We know the pool can count on you! Thank you.
Green Mountain Swim Club Board

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