Parent volunteer job description

Calling all Parents!  We are still in need of parent volunteers for the League meet.  This is a big few days for all of us.  All parents are needed this weekend (even if your kid is not swimming). I am providing a brief job description to let you better understand what each job entails.

Friday night:  this includes being at Anderson on Friday night from 6:30-7:30pm.  Other teams will be dropping off their tents during this time.  These people will need to be there to make sure these are put in the correct location and secured over night.  There will also be small tasks to be completed. 
Set-up (Saturday and Sunday) before the meet:  These people are very important.  We need as many people each morning starting at 5am to get this meet set up.  This will include setting up all tents needed for the meet, the heating area and our team tent. There is no planning or layout for this just physical labor.
Clean-up/take down (Saturday and Sunday) after the meet: this job will go quickly with more people. This will just require taking tents down on Saturday at the end of the meet and securing them as needed. On Sunday it will include packing items up for the responsible parties to collect.
Trash duty(Saturday and Sunday) during the meet: with enough help this task should be a job that each person can take an hour shift to empty trash as needed around the pool as needed.  The lead will coordinate shifts.
Hospitality (Saturday and Sunday) before the meet:  these people will make and/or pick up breakfast and lunch items for the coaches and officials. All of this work is done before the meet. There is no volunteer time for this during the meet.  You will be contacted by the lead on how to help with this. 

No job is too big or too small.  Everything is important to make this swim meet successful.  I am also sure we forgot some minor details too but together this will be successful.  Thank you in advance for your support in your kids sport.  Please sign up

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