How can you help?

Our swim team is supported by parent volunteers.  It is important that all families volunteer to help to make the swim team successful for all swimmers.  The swim team board is looking for people who will be responsible for some specific few jobs.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping with one of these tasks.  The following tasks listed below are what we are in immediate need of filling

  • Help shop for concession items.  This task includes grocery shopping at Sams or Costco and King Soopers for home meets.  You would also be responsible for setting up the concession area the morning of home meets.
  • Help data enter at home meets.  Are you good with computers and entering numbers?  Your time would be used to enter results for home meets.
  • Do you have an oven and can assist with heating burritos?  We are looking for a few volunteers who can help warm up burritos the mornings of home meets.
  • Are you a party planner?  We would love your assistance with getting the special team events set up.  This includes purchasing the necessary items as well as helping set up the day of the event.
  • Do you understand the strokes of swimming or are willing to be trained?  We are in urgent need of more Gator officials.  This volunteer position comes with great benefits as you get a front row spot at swim meets.  You must attend a training session for this job.  
Please email if you are interest in helping with one of these specific tasks. There will be additional volunteer opportunities available throughout the season but these are specific and immediate needs we are looking for.  

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