Introducing our coaches for this summer

We are excited for the coaches that will be leading the Gators this summer!

We are very fortunate that Porter Bennett will be returning as Head Coach and working with the 13-18 age group.  Porter has been a part of the coaching staff for 3 years, he coached the 9-12 year olds and transitioned to head coach last year and will lead the team again this year.  Porter gets to know each swimmer to help them reach their individual goals; while also supporting them to work together as a team.  During the years he has been coaching, our little team has upset the bigger teams at State to place 2nd place in 2015 and again in 2016.  Porter is finishing his junior year in college and he’s majoring in Economics.

Ethan Schick will be returning this season after some traveling at the beginning of the summer.  Ethan will be responsible for coaching the 9-12 year olds.  Ethan has swam with the Gators since he was an 8 & under.  His first leadership role with the team was helping with the 8 & unders and he did a great job with this.  We are excited for him to move up with this age group so he can continue to help them succeed.  Ethan is finishing his second year at Colorado College and is continues to break records in his butterfly.

We are thrilled to welcome Kaylyn Schull to the Gators as a coach.  Kaylyn swam as a Gator for 6 years and was a key part of our dominant upper division.  Kaylyn is finishing her freshman year at Biola University in Southern California where she is studying accounting and continues to swim.  We are excited to have a strong backstroke coach on the team and welcome the skills she can pass along to the kids.  Kaylyn will be working the 8 & under age group.

You will also see Dylan Jacob and Emma Berg working with the swimmers and coaches.
Dylan will be coaching the 9-12 year olds at the beginning of the season; filling in for Ethan.  Dylan has also been a Gator since he was an 8 & under and exemplifies good sportsmanship in swimming, football, basketball and baseball.  He has helped coach our swim clinics and the 8 & unders for the past few years.  Dylan is a high energy coach with a great sense of humor.  Dylan is great with the kids, so we are glad we get to have his help before he goes off to college.
The younger swimmers will get the privilege of working with Emma Berg. Emma has taken the initiative to work with the beginning swimmers during our clinics and has shown great responsibility.  Emma will be in the water with the little Gators helping them get comfortable and stronger at swimming.  Emma has a positive and patient nature, demonstrates amazing abilities, and the kids love her!

We welcome all our coaches to a wonderful summer swim season!

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