Stroke clinics begin the week of June 13th

We are excited to be able to provide stroke clinics to assist swimmers with specific stroke technique.  Our coaches will hold stoke clinics on Tuesday and Wednesdays for kids (that have signed up) needing additional stroke work.  Each week will offer a different stroke.  These clinics will be held from 9:45-10:15am.  You may sign your child(ren) up for 2 of these stroke clinics as we would like to make this opportunity available to as many swimmers as possible.  You can see the stroke clinic sign-up here and it will show the dates and the stroke that will be worked on.

Also the coaches are available for private lessons if needed.  You can talk to a coach to discuss scheduling this lesson outside of swim team practice.  These lessons are $35.00 per half an hour ($25.00 will be paid to the coach and $10.00 will be paid to the swim club).

Please discuss any questions you may have about this with a coach or board member

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