Gator Freestyle Frenzy

We are excited to host a new meet called the Gator Freestyle Frenzy.  This meet will be held at Green Mountain Swim Club on Sunday, June 11th.  This meet is used as a fundraiser for our team and swim club.

The format of this meet will be each swimmer swimming 3 distances of freestyle, with the longest distance being swam first. The times from this meet will be used to help swimmers qualify for the Ken Caryl Invitational as well as League and State.  This meet will finish with a fun freestyle swim and some mini plastic gators swimming across the pool.

A swimmer is eligible to participate in this meet if they have swam any distance of freestyle and has a “B” Qualifying time or better.  If you would like to participate in the event and haven’t already qualified, please plan on swimming some freestyle in the swim meet this Saturday.  If you have already qualified, we will send an email asking if you can participate on Sunday.

Go Gators!!!!!!!!

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