Night Practices: will start for “real” this week as long as the weather holds. Between bad weather and the instrasquad rescheduling, we never got off the ground last week.  8:00pm-9:00pm for Upper Divison swimmers.  Lower Division swimmers can attend only with the approval of Coach Ben.

Results and Qual Times:  We had a slight technical screw up last week. We had 2018 Qual Times in our system to start this season. We will get them changed this week and post updated Top Times.  Please note that there will be a few of you that qualified for League or State but didn’t actually make it based on the 2019 standards.  Updated results coming soon. (So Sorry!!)

Saturday 6/8 Meet at 5Parks  See the “Next Event” section on the right side of the blog for more information.

Sunday 6/9 FREESTYLE FRENZY:  This is an optional meet (hosted by GMST + our competitors in the Foothills Swim Association) for swimmers that have a “B” time or better in any freestyle race.  Swimmers will swim in all 4 events at the meet which include: 
Upper Divison:  200 free, 100 free, 50 free, 25 fun free
9-12 year olds: 200 free, 100 free, 50 free, 25 fun free
8 and unders:  100 free, 50 free, 25 free, 25 fun free
Swimmers must tell their Coach if they want to swim on Sunday. There is no paper sign up on the board. They must talk to the coach.

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