We are excited to continue our Big/Little buddy program.  The purpose of the Big/Little buddy swim program is to help younger swimmers transition into becoming Gators and to help them navigate swim meets.  The program also fosters team spirit, family and camaraderie by connecting the older swimmers with the younger ones.  Big buddies are generally 11&older while Little buddies are 10&under.  This partnership should focus on team unity, spirit and sportsmanship.  The buddy program is not about elaborate gifts-it is about being a supportive teammate! 
There is no requirement that swimmers participate in the buddy program but we strongly encourage everyone to participate.  The coaching staff will organize the buddy program and pair swimmers together.  Once buddies are assigned, we expect the Big buddies to introduce themselves and get to know their buddy.
Responsibilities of buddies include but are not limited to:
  • meeting your buddy and introducing yourself
  • greet your buddy at each meet
  • Big buddies help Little buddies at meets with event numbers
  • Create something for your buddy:  write a note, draw a picture, make a friendship bracelet
  • Congratulate your buddy after their swim
All kids under the age of 11 will be assigned a big buddy. ALL KIDS OVER 11 YEARS OF AGE NEED TO TELL COACH EMMA IF THEY WANT TO BE A BIG BUDDY.  Please let Emma know by this weekend (Sunday 6/9).

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