Big Week! (5/30-6/4)

Monday: No practice due to holiday
Tuesday: Morning practices start
Wednesday: Instrasquad/New Parent Meeting
Saturday: Dual meet @ GMSC

Please take a minute to read through. There is a lot happening!
NEW PARENT MEETING: Wednesday at 5:30pm (right before the Intrasquad starts). We will give a brief rundown of how swim team works and be available for all your questions. If you are returning parent you do not need to attend this (unless of course you want to. All are welcome)
PARENT VOLUNTEERS: We need you! Please head to the volunteer section on the right side of the blog. There will be a sign-up for each meet. It takes a lot of help to run a meet. We expect all families to volunteer for a minimum of 5 shifts throughout the season. This is not a “sit on the sidelines” kind of sport. Everyone gets to pitch in and have fun!
THE GRASS!!! The Swim Club made a big investment this year and put down new grass all over the property. We have been asked to (more or less) not set up on the grass at our first two meets. I know this will be hard. You can set up on deck, around the baby pool, or on the upper flat grass that is not new. Please do not be offended if we ask you to move. We are all in this together, so let’s get cozy.
WEATHER: If you are unsure if we are having practice, postponing a meet or any other function due to weather, please check the blog. We will always post to the blog if something changes.
MEET SIGN UPS: We will have sign-up sheets for the Intrasquad posted at the pool through practice on Wednesday morning. The Dual Meet sign-up will be posted through practice on Friday morning. All meet sign ups are in-person at the pool and swimmers are expected to work with the coaches to pick their races. Parents of younger swimmers… please let your swimmer work with the coach to sign themselves up. This will help them feel more confident in what they choose to swim.
SWIM SUITS: If you ordered a suit, they will be at the pool starting Wednesday morning. The coaches will hand them out throughout the week.
PIZZA + GATOR GEAR! We will have pizza, chips, gatorade and soda to sell at our Intrasquad meet as a courtesy. We know it’s hard to get off work, get to a swim meet and plan dinner. We will also have our latest Gator Gear (t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, swim caps, etc) available for purchase.

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