Wednesday 6/1

INTRASQUAD: The rain is expected to stop before noon and we will move forward with the meet on Wednesday night. – Please bring a towel for each race that your swimmer is doing to help them stay dry and warm after their races. Please pack hoodies, sweatpants, and lots of kids will have their sleeping bags to stay warm between races. – We will have pizza, hot chocolate, and Gator Gear at the meet as well.
WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THE INTRASQUAD!! We can’t run the meet without enough volunteers. Please sign up! (See the side of the blog for parent volunteer section)

PRACTICE: Our coaches don’t like to cancel practice unless it’s absolutely necessary. The decision will be made by 6am on Wednesday. Please check the blog (and hit refresh to make sure you are getting the latest and greatest) before you head out to the pool on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 6/1”

      1. It won’t load on my iPhone either. It works on my iPad but I can’t get the volunteer links to open. It just says “not secure”


      2. It’s just a white page.
        Nothing is displayed
        What is the actual address
        When I click the link in the WordPress site, I get redirected to this blank page….


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