Week of 7/11 (Big Week!!)

It’s a 3-Meet kind of week! Please read through so you know what’s going on. This is our last week of regular practices unless you qualify for League or State.
Monday 7/11 : Start of Gator Week
Wednesday 7/13: Intrasquad #3 (plus parent/coaches relay)
Saturday 7/16: Dual Meet at Golden
Sunday 7/17: Last Chance Meet!
Future Planning:
Wednesday 7/20: Team Movie Night @ GMSC @ 8:30pm-10:00pm
Friday 7/22: League 400’s @ Stingrays (see Meet/Practice page for details)
Saturday 7/23: League hosted by GMST @ Splash Golden
Wednesday 7/27: Team Banquet @ GMSC @ 5:30pm
Friday-Sunday 7/29-7/31: State @ Splash (event timeline TBD)

Gator Week is a team tradition that involves harder than normal practices in order to push the kids to better times for League and State qualifying. Your kids do NOT have to go hard. If it’s not their thing, that’s OK.
Intrasquad #3: This is our final Intrasquad of the season. We will have 5280 Swim Team joining us to talk about their year-round swim program, fun coaches/parents swim relays, pizza , hot dogs and gear for purchase and a general frenzy of activity. Please sign up to help.
Meet at Golden: This is our last dual meet of the season. Have your swimmers sign up for events they haven’t done yet if they are trying to receive the Iron Gator Award (a qualifying time in all individual events in their age group). If your swimmer has a B time in an event after this meet, they can continue on to the Last Chance Meet.
Last Chanced Meet: This is it. The very, very last meet to qualify for League. If your swimmer has a B time in an individual event and would like to try one last time to make League, they need to let the coaches know at the end of the Saturday meet. The coaches will then sign them up for this Sunday meet. They must have a B time (you cannot use this meet to improve your current League or State time) and they can only swim up to 3 events at the Last Chance Meet. There are no relays. This is a “I’m trying to qualify for League” meet. Also please know that if you go to this meet, you will need to help with timing.
What do you mean it’s the final week of regular practices? If your swimmer qualifies for League, then they will have practice the week of 7/18. If your swimmer then qualifies for State, they will have practice the week of 7/25. If your child is not qualified in either and has not been pulled into a relay team, then their last practice will be on Friday 7/15. (Don’t worry, we still have 2 fun events planned, so it’s not totally over: Team Movie night on 7/20 and the Team Banquet on 7/27).
League Qualifications: Your swimmer will have until Monday morning 7/18 to let the coaches know that they can swim at League (earlier is better though). This event is an additional cost to our team (not to the swimmer) and we want to make sure that your swimmer will be available to swim before we sign them up.
– Check out our Facebook page for lots of pictures from this season! Also, just a reminder to upload small video clips or photos to the Photo Circle App (details on sidebar) for our end of year banquet.

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