Swimmer of the Week – Week of 7/4

Upper Division – Everett
Last week Everett came back from a vacation, but didn’t let that affect his swimming at all. He threw himself back into practice with gusto, giving his all on sets and challenging himself to get better. At the AK meet he continued his goal to swim all the events with a bunch of freestyle, including the 200 (which I think is the hardest event).
Excellent work Everett!

Middle Division – Ayla
Ayla is a new addition to our team and swimming this year and she is crushing it! She continually pushes herself at practice and leads her lane in the freestyle workouts. We know we can count on Ayla to show up and swim fast making her an asset to the team in individuals and relays.
Well done Ayla!

Lower Division – Carter H
Carter is one of our top 8 & Under swimmers and he shows it every day in practice and meets. He worked particularly hard last week, between the sassy comments, and pushed his lane to be better with each 25. As we were filling many 8 & Under relays, we knew we could count on Carter to show up and swim fast for his team.
Keep it up Carter!

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