League Entries – Please Read

The preliminary League entries are posted here – Entries. If your swimmer is swimming at League please check their entries and let me know if there are any changes or errors (email ethan.schick@gmail.com or text/call 7203354894). Entries are due by 5pm today. Because of the lottery system (explained below) they need to be final (i.e. no changes after 5pm).

Important** This year the league is trying to fill 3 heats of every event. Because certain events will not have enough swimmers, the meet coordinators decided to open up entries to swimmers with B times as well. This will work like a top times lotto system. Teams can enter their swimmers who have B times into the pool and if the event is not filled by swimmers with league times, the remaining spots will be filled by the fastest B time swimmers. For example: There are only 20 9-10 boys swimming the 50 butterfly. Because there are 24 spots available (3 heats of 8 lanes) the next 4 fastest 9-10 boys who entered the lotto for the 50 fly will fill the heat. We entered your swimmer into the lotto for certain events if they already had at least 1 league time. The decisions were made mainly based on where your swimmer had the best chance to make it in. These entries are not a guarantee that they will swim that event because they are contingent upon the lottery. We wanted to give kids a chance to swim more if they didn’t qualify for three events. If you do not want your swimmer entered in the lottery please contact me and we will remove them to give another swimmer that spot.

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