Intrasquad Photos, meet sign-up

Hello all –

Ms. Alzamora very kindly spent her time during the intrasquad meet a few weeks back taking photos of our swimmers on her camera! Coach Josh just had an opportunity to get the album online, and you can find it at! There are some old photos up as well, the one marked “intrasquad” is this year’s album. Please make sure you take a second to thank Ms. Alzamora when you get a chance, she does a lot for the club in addition to this! And if you have other photos you’d like to add, either talk to Coach Josh about access (the do-it-yourself method) or give him a CD with your clearly labeled photos so he can put those up for you (the what-else-does-Josh-have-to-do,-anyway-? method)

Finally, please note that we need to have entries done for Saturday’s meet, so please sign up at practice ASAP! Most of the lower division has done that, but only a few upper division swimmers are currently signed up. Please, make sure you’re signed up by tomorrow! If you miss practice or forget to sign up for some other reason, please e-mail me at I’ll be inputting those electronically, so if I don’t know, I can’t help and the only swimming you’ll be doing this Saturday will involve whatever giant puddles are left over from the now inevitable afternoon downpour!

Coach Luke

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