Updates coming SOON!

Hello all –

So it has been about a week since you heard from me, and I apologize!


Warm-up @ 4:30 on Thursday, meet starts at 5pm!

Intrasquad meets are finally processed, and I wanted to say CONGRATS to official new LEAGUE QUALIFIERS Tristan Debrunner (50 Fr) and Kevin Kruse (50 Br) and new STATE QUALIFIERS Todd Otto (100 bk), Brandon Jacob (25 brst) and Anna Granquist (50 fr, 100 fr). What a meet!

That brings our totals up to 45 LEAGUE qualifiers and 25 STATE qualifiers. These are incredible numbers, and we have a lot of swimmers who are still on the brink!

Check back for more updates tomorrow (including intrasquad results and new best times)! Good luck to tonight’s odd events swimmers!

Coach Luke

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