Updates are here…

…kind of, anyways!

Meet results for Intrasquad #2 and Pentathlon are now posted in the right sidebar, and best times are completely updated! The only results page missing is from the Columbine Knolls meet, and we’re working on getting that fixed! Don’t forget, there will be a reward at the banquet for showing off a completed times tracker at the banquet, so make sure you’re keeping up!

Relays and information for this Saturday’s dual with Golden are also posted. This is a team that won state a few short years ago and has some incredible swimmers, so take advantage of this opportunity to race some of the best competition in the state! It might also serve as a nice tune-up for next week, when we dual 2008 state champion Applewood Athletic Club. Sandy and Dave weren’t slacking with the schedule this year!

Finally, I apologize for not getting an update up after the incredible intrasquad last Wednesday! I wanted to give a quick shout-out to the 11-12 boys for:

* Having 3 boys swim EVERY event (Daniel M, Scott W, Kevin M)
* Getting 2 new league qualifiers (Tristan D, Kevin K)
* The meet of the season from Kevin Mercy, who not only swam every event, but earned a best time in EVERY SINGLE ONE! If you don’t believe me, just check the best times sheet. Michael Phelps has nothing on that.

WHAT’S NEXT: TOTALLY updated team records, in case you noticed that most of our recent accomplishments haven’t been logged!

Coach Luke

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