Records posted!

It’s FRIDAY NIGHT so of course I’m doing the most exciting thing I can think of. And since CNN can’t stop talking about MJ (STILL!), I spent my evening updating team records!

The new, updated records (which are a LOT different than the old ones) are now posted in the links tab. I’m working on getting the ones on the GMSC site changed as well. You can now find Ianna, Tristan, Tim, Dylan, Cody, Coach Josh, Lifeguard Grant, and many others in there that weren’t around before–so check it out!

We also might start a new entry after the intrasquad for “Most time the swimmers have ever lost to the coaches by in the coaches relay.” Coach Shelby is even bringing some light reading to take in while we wait for them to finish (she gets a little cocky).

I’ll see y’all in the morning! Warm-up info is in the right-side tab!

Coach Luke

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