Intrasquad TONIGHT!

Hello All –

So sorry to be a little late on this information, but here’s how things are going to go down tonight!

Lower Division: 5:30-5:45pm
Upper Division: 5:45-6pm
Middle Division swimmers made cards in practice today, and 8-unders signed up and had cards made for them today. Upper division swimmers will be responsible for making their own cards at the meet today!
Post-Meet Entertainment:
Watch your coaches relay beat up on the upper division! As coach Shelby said today in her best Austrian accent, “We will dominate these little children today. Mercy is for the weak!” She then proceeded to beat her chest wildly, uttered a frightening guttural scream  and broke one of the park benches with a single blow from her pulsating forehead. Yikes.
MEET STARTS AT 6! Please be early to warm-up to make sure your swimmers are stretched out and ready for the meet! We had a number of swimmers show up late to Saturday’s warm-up and it made for a very stressful morning! Please be as timely as possible. Also, the forecast for tonight is terrifying not optimistic. So bring warm clothes and something rain-repellent. I’ll let you look up the report yourself…

Thanks, we can’t wait to see you tonight! Unless you’re a part of the upper division, in which case I’m sure the sting of defeat will fade in good time…

Coach Luke

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