So as many of you already know, I’m heading off New York City with my wonderful mother (she reads this) to see my treasured sister (and she tells my sister what I write) for the whole week! A terrible time to leave, I know, but I will be back for league. In the mean time, your coaches will get you more than prepared for our biggest meets of the year.

Remember, this week we have 2 meets (complete info to the right!) First, our dual on Saturday with 2008 State Champions Applewood Athletic Club for all swimmers at our home pool, the swamp. Then, for anyone who is even REMOTELY close to making a qual time (league OR state!) we have the Last Chance Meet on Sunday at Green Mountain Rec Center. This is a VERY fast pool and there’s a lot of hunger and electricity in the air. I’ve seen countless “hopeless” cases crush times at this awesome meet. Please do your best to make it if you think there’s a shot!

Good luck to EVERYONE tomorrow, but a special good luck to my “middlers” trying for thier FIRST league times of the year — Sarah Daley, Mikela Dobbin, Luke Guisto, Brett Wilsey, Sarah Wheatley, Michael Tsarevski, Kevin Mercy, Sam Meiser, Tim Lucero and Hannah Long. These guys and gals are right on the brink in one event or more and have worked EXTREMELY hard over the last few weeks to get where they are, so don’t waste your time sitting under the tent…CHEER THEM ON!! There are lots of 8-unders and upper division swimmers looking for times as well, so put your screamer mouth on in the morning (as if most of you don’t already…)

Your coaches didn’t know 50 league qualifers were possible this year…could we get 60?? League won’t know what hit it!

A last request–if you’re one of our close kids, or if you have a great meet, or you just feel like saying “HI!,” please leave a note in the comment section of the blog or send me an e-mail at to let me know how you did! I’ll be dying for news on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so tell me about how you’re going to league or state!

Again, GOOD LUCK! I’d better hear the “AMEN!”‘s rolling over the bouroughs of New York City bright and early tomorrow morning!

I just know they’ll be goin’ down.

Coach Luke

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